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Laser Metallurgy / Additive Manufacturing - Projects

Fields of Activity

The Laser Metallurgy working group deals with coating processes for wear and corrosion protection applications but also with the production of coatings for abrasive tools. At the chair, a process for the production of so-called rope beads for wire saw technology was developed by means of laser powder cladding. The hard materials can be embedded in various metallic matrix alloys. Seals in the exhaust tract of internal combustion engines, which are only 200 µm thick and subject to increasingly high thermal loads, can meet the increasing requirements by means of locally applicable wear protection coatings of any geometry.

Neue Metallpulver zur additiven Fertigung mittels selektivem Laserstrahlschmelzen (SLM)Hide

Contact: Marius Hilzenthaler

Selective laser melting is an additive manufacturing process. By using a laser beam, up to thousands of two dimensional powder layers, each 20-100 µm thick, are selectively melted together to form a three-dimensional component. It is a form and tool free process and therefore suitable for flexible production of prototypes and individual parts or prostheses for medical applications. The almost limitless freedom of design means that extremely complex geometries and lightweight structures can be implemented.

The aim of the project in cooperation with NMB GmbH and KSB Additive Manufacturing is to investigate the recycling of metal powders for selective laser melting and thus to gain information about the influence on powder material and printed parts. By reusing the powder, material costs can be saved to make the entire process more economical. For this purpose, investigations are carried out on a water-atomized low alloyed steel powder as well as on gas-atomized high alloyed steel powder. In addition to the variation of process parameters during processing to find an optimal process window, detailed analyzes are carried out on powder material and printed components.

Laser powder cladding of thin substrates for automotive sealing solutionsHide

Contact: Tobias Gabriel

In the course of increasing the efficiency of car combustion engines, their exhaust gas temperatures are rising. In order to be able to use metallic gaskets in the hot gas area under these temperatures without increased wear, it is possible to coat them. Within the scope of this project, work is being carried out on the development and characterization of metallic protective coatings, among other things.

Effective Oil and Storage Systems (Eff_ÖLS), Selective Laser Melting (SLM)Hide

Contact: Johannes Strößner

Production of abrasive coatings by laser powder buildup weldingHide

Contact: Daniel Rommel

​Phase detection in the sub-micro(nano)-meter range in thermally joined mixed joints of steel with aluminumHide

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Glatzel

Metal compositesHide

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Glatzel

​Partial laser and gas nitriding of titanium componentsHide

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Glatzel

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